About us

MCH is an independent IT company based in The Netherlands. We advise and provide automation services to the telecom industry since 1986.


Over the years, we have witnessed major upheavals in our market. When we launched back in the 1980’s, telephony was mainly analogue. Today, networks consist of fiber optics and society is data driven. We stay ahead of the curve to provide expert advice and the latest automation services.


We have not only witnessed changes in our market, we have helped shape them. And we are proud of that.


Our founders are pioneers. They had exceptional foresight to capture the niche market of network inventory systems for telecom networks, which entailed both the OSS and BSS domain back in those days. And today that pioneering spirit still runs through our veins.


We have extensive experience and specific domain knowledge, yet this alone is not enough. An innovative approach is critical to keep pace with today’s requirements. There has been a rapid increase in data and so we must ensure we are able to access accurate information and clear insights from it. We combine expertise and innovation with a healthy dose of Dutch pragmatism.


We offer practical, effective and sustainable services and solutions. Complex if necessary, simple if possible. Solutions that really solve the issue, provide useful answers and give invaluable insights into the complex reality of telecom networks and processes. 


Because no matter how exciting IT is, it is a means to an end, not a goal in itself.  


Want to know more? Get in touch with us! We are enthusiastic to share our knowledge with peers, partners and our customers. What is the use of knowledge and experience if you don’t share it?

Our clients



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