Ethernet serves

A service provider provides services via ADSL and VDSL connections. Ethernet over DSL is delivered over VDSL. Ethernet over VDSL can reach speeds up to 40 Mbit/s on the current copper network. To access the provider network, WBA transport capacity is purchased at KPN Wholesale. To register the connected customers with their requested service attributes and to monitor the utilization of the purchased capacity, the TeleScope Inventory Management system is used.

The customer demands optical fiber

The Inventory Management of a Telecom Operator is implemented using TeleScope software.It involves the Carrier Ethernet Network (CEN) and the Access Network. TeleScope monitors the connection capacity for optical fiber, the occupation of ports on the Service Access Managers and records and mutates the customer connections of the Access Network. Requests or changes for the connections come from a Business Portal. The communication between the portal and TeleScope is provided by the P2ALinker that integrates applications based on XML messages.

From service request to connected service

For telematics service department of a large company in the Netherlands an integration is achieved between the Service Management system that manages active services and GoEfficient that coordinates the work needed to achieve the physical connections (cable work). The P2ALinker an XML data exchange was implemented between the Web portal where requests for new or changes to existing connections coming in, the service management system and GoEfficient. The integration of GoEfficient and the Network Inventory system TeleScope was realized at an earlier stage. The exchange of data between the applications has the process greatly improved and simplified. Users no longer have to use different applications and “double” mutations are no longer necessary.

A flow of orders

Koning & Hartman uses GoEfficient and P2ALinker

Koning & Hartman has realized a connection with the Reggefiber Building B2B Web Portal. Koning & Hartman performs multiple FTTH projects in the Netherlands. The P2ALinker software collects all construction and management data and automates the workflow GoEfficient and state transitions.

Reporting real time data from many sources

For a large company P2ALinker is used as a reporting mediator.

To get a customer view of telecommunication services provided, we have deployed P2ALinker between business portal and all administrative and technical systems. Any request from the business portal, marks the start for the P2ALinker to perform complex dialogues with dozens of administrative and technical systems to retrieve the data of the services provided. By the use of parallel request and the high performance of the P2A Linker software, dozens of requests are carried out in very acceptable times.


Through the P2ALinker the XML-traffic becomes fully configurable. The consistency between the messages – the dossiers – is managed in GoEfficient. Particular challenges in this project were: The long waiting time (sometimes weeks) that can occur between a request to an application of a Telco and the response from that application and the bundling of all sent en recieved messages that together form a dossier.

Intergration with customer applications

With the P2ALinker software we created a Web service that enables customers’ business applications to deliver trouble tickets to the application of the servicing company. A XML-ticket triggers the P2ALinker to request GoEfficient, to create a new process (workflow) to solve the interruption. The progress of the trouble ticket process is reported to the delivering party through reports from GoEfficient These reports are sent to the external application in transformed XML (using XSLT) via P2ALinker.



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