Business Analyses

Depending on your needs our experienced business analyzers deliver consultancy that is required in your project. Our professionals can assist you in the following fields:

  • Information Analysis
  • Business Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Implementation
  • ICT Support

For more information about these services, please contact us.


Of course we implement our own software for you:.


Implementation activities for the P2ALinker lead to a working solution for data exchange between your applications of choice .The implementation activities include:

  • In close cooperation with you, we determine your requirements for the exchange of data between your applications.
  • Setting up and installing the P2ALinker software.
  • Setting up the P2ALinker, includes completing the application dialogue templates and transformations (XSLT).
  • Configuring the interface adapters.
  • The delivery of the working and tested data exchange between your applications.
  • Training.


The main steps to implement our TeleScope Inventory Management Software:


Determine which network technologies are applicable in the implementation project (e.g. access networks with xDSL and Ethernet over copper or fiber optics, wireless networks such as WLAN and WWAN and Carrier Ethernet, MPLS or other transport networks). Determine which sources can be used to collect you inventory data, check for quality and convert it to the TeleScope network inventory system.

Physical, Functional and Logical Inventory

The data of the physical network components such as equipment, cables and (optical) distribution frames are migrated and converted. After this, the physical connections, the functional connections that connect ports of equipment and connections that occupy the logical interfaces are added. After possibly assigning IP addresses, the network resources are allocated and documented in TeleScope.

For new configurations, such as customer or network connections, you can use predefined TeleScope templates that simplify data management.

Interfaces (P2ALinker)

Interfaces between TeleScope and business or operation support systems (BSS or OSS) will be implemented with the P2ALinker.


Training at different levels of use are given in consultation with you.


The main steps to implement GoEfficient Resource Management and Workflow are:

  • Determine the business processes and activities that you want support with GoEfficient.
  • Setting up and installing the GoEfficient software.
  • Setting up GoEfficient consists of completing the templates for types of projects and activities to be supported and defining the conditions required to call up new activities (workflow).
  • Defining the skills needed to be able or to be allowed to perform activities. Assigning skills to the staff.
  • The delivery of the working and tested data implementation.
  • Training.
  • Interfaces between GoEfficient and other applications are implemented with the P2ALinker.

Third Party Software Maintenance

We maintain your third party software. It concerns, for example Incident and Problem Management and functional adaptive maintenance (Change Management) services in the field of our specializations.