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We are a passionate group of people that, since 1986, develops software and provides services that support the business of our customers. We provide software from own development complemented by partner products. We are a niche player with flexibility and knowledge of our markets which allow for a very close relationship with our customers.

We are solely focused and fully committed on our four niche markets:

  • Integration of applications with XML P2ALinker
  • Project, Resource Management and Workflow GoEfficient
  • Third Party Software Maintenance

Because we are very well versed in these niches, we provide expert and practical solutions at affordable prices. Our software and advice are understandable and demonstrate technical knowledge.

Al part of the ICT community we are in constant contact with each customer, to stay better informed about his wishes regarding our products and services. We all feel an obligation towards our customers to fulfil their wishes. Therefore we only set the highest standards for our products and services.

We develop the optimal software for any niche. Our people sitting on top of the latest developments. They recognize potential in new technologies and identify with international standards for the creation and maintenance of our product. You feel, our passion down to the smallest details of our products.

MCH information & communication solutions is an independent Dutch company. Our headquarters is in Nieuwegein.

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