All sites and customer locations managed by one central repository.


We designed and developed the LocationManager, based on TMF standards, to enable Site management and customer location management in one solution.


Whether you just want to validate an address for legal or communication purposes, or perform a complete availability check for services to be delivered: the LocationManager always provides you with the correct information.


what the LocationManager offers:

For the customer locations in the Netherlands, the LocationManager uses the object registration in BAG 2.0. Maintaining data quality is no longer a challenge with this highly accurate registration. Changes in the registration in BAG 2.0 are immediately processed by the LocationManager, so you are assured of up-to-date, uniform address information for use in all your systems.


For the designation of Sites, both addresses and geographical locations can be used to pinpoint the exact location. The location of equipment, such as antennas and street cabinets can be identified with x/y coordinates and made visible on the map. Your employees can have the correct location data immediately. Loss of time through searching and detours are now a thing of the past thanks to LocationManager.


Location and site information can be viewed in your systems via REST APIs defined by default by TMF. This guarantees the use of up-to-date, valid and uniform address – as well as location data in all your organization’s systems.



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