Logical Resource Management

The definitions of logical resources are based on the recommendations of international standardization bodies. The main  features are: 

Resource management from left, (sub) networks and ports. 

  • Resource management of links, (sub) networks and ports.
  • Status transitions of network objects.

Registration and graphical presentation are based on configurable standard tables that support all (telecommunications) technologies.

Route Management

These functions automatically find (multi) point-to-(multi) point routes through the network based on business rules.

Capacity Management

Configurable reporting and planning functions that support the optimization and network planning.

Physical & Functional Resource Manager

Functions for the registration of physical compositions of active and passive devices (resources).

Cable & Patch Manager

Registration and graphical presentation of (wired or patch) connections between ports and points of devices or (optical) panels.

For field engineers, we have a patch app (PatchWork) available.

Query & Report Builder

TeleScope has a Report & Query Builder.

Interfaces (P2ALinker)

Interfacing of TeleScope with other OSS and BSS systems, is supported by P2ALinker.

Main Features


  • Service definitions for all technologies.

Logische resources

  • Resources per network layer (Network Layering).
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN, VLAN).
  • Virtual Connections on detail or capacity level.

Fysical resources

  • Equipement (racks, sub racks and cards) with wiring (fiber and copper)
  • Optical connection points and (small form-factor pluggable) SPF’s
  • (Leased) connectiosn on capacity level.

Standard configurations (templates)

  • Your specific templates for standard (customer) equipment configurations.
  • The entire network layout of sites can be reused (copied to new sites).

Administration, authorization and reporting 

  • Extensive options for personal settings.
  • Security by extensive authorization, log and trace capabilities. 
  • You make your own reports using the report generator.



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