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root cause analysis & real-time service impact

Are you looking for a Network Inventory System with proven quality? With our TeleScope® software suite you have full transparency and clear insight into all sources and layers of the network.


If there is an outage in the network, TeleScope® guarantees a real-time analysis of the root cause of the issue so that the service impact can be determined immediately. And for planned work, TeleScope® helps to gain timely insights into which services may be impacted.


TeleScope® gives full transparency in all sources and layers (active and passive physical inventory, virtual connections and services) of the network:


  • User-defined configuration of equipment, network and services.
  • Effective service insurance: cause and service impact (reduced repair time)
  • Capacity planning and (route) reservations (planned, used and available).
  • Link with OSS / BSS systems.


As MCH’s TeleScope® Inventory software is based on standardized function modules, it can be applied widely and is easily scalable. With TeleScope®, you can register your network and gain meaningful insights into your data for operational users and specialists.


what TeleScope® offers:

TeleScope® is a custom Network Inventory system for services as well as physical and logical resources within any network. The TeleScope® model is particularly suitable for Service providers and Network Operators with their own or purchased network capacity, cable companies and companies with their own network.


Physical and functional resource manager

Models and manages the data of all active and passive devices on your network. This provides the ability to configure different categories of equipment to suit your needs.


Logical Resource Manager

Manages the logical model of a network, ranging from links, circuits to sub-networks. TeleScope® helps you understand the life cycle of your network with the available status transition data and provides convenient graphical displays. By combining this module with the Physical Resource Manager, you can get a total overview of your network and all its connectivity.


Service management

Define and configure User Network Interface (UNI) and Virtual Connection (VC) services with all associated attributes and parameters that may be used together to provide a service to a customer.


Get actionable insights into your services and network by combining this module with the underlying physical and logical platform.


Other functionalities include IPv4 and IPv6 Management, Phonenumber Management, Route Management, Capacity Management, Cable Patch Manager, Query and Report Builder.





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