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Effective solutions for implementation and integration

Different phases of the innovation journey.

From design to delivery we give our customers a smooth path through the different phases of the innovation journey. We ensure flawless implementation of solutions and seamless integration within an existing, often complex IT landscape. We understand better than anyone that change and innovation should not lead to hiccups in business operations.

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How we help our customers

Consultants at MCH have strong knowledge of IT landscapes and architecture and know their way around common IT frameworks, such as OSI and eTOM.

Our aim is to seamlessly integrate your systems into the existing IT landscape.

We understand that application integration/migration is a complex process and a major investment. That is why we have organized our services so we can offer simple solutions that make this process easy, effective and cost-efficient.

We have been implementing and using integrated solutions since 1986 and have contributed to the success of many extensive migration and transformation programs. This practical experience ensures that we make better and more efficient contributions to your integration process. We have an overview of the field and understand the implications of all options.

To make life easier, we use widely used and efficient, user-friendly technologies.

How we can help take your next project to new heights

Our consultants are seasoned IT professionals with a thorough knowledge of Telecom networks and processes. They are familiar with the challenges our clients face and provide practical and concrete advice. Their hands-on technical experience means they have the ability to give the best advice and also actually get the job done.

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