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Krupto Connect

A framework for managing IT services that emphasizes the importance of aligning IT services with the needs of the business.


Streamlines IT service management

KruptoConnect can be a valuable asset for businesses to help them swiftly embrace changes in people, processes, and technology. By adopting KruptoConnect best practices, businesses can establish a structured approach to managing their IT services, which can lead to increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and improved customer satisfaction.

MCH offers self-service tools that empower users to troubleshoot and resolve issues themselves, reducing the workload on IT teams. With IT Service Desk software, businesses can improve their IT service delivery and enhance customer experience by providing quick and effective solutions to IT issues.

Key Features
  • Omnichannel support can also help organizations consolidate their IT tools, resulting in significant cost savings
  • Enable team members to report incidents or use the self-service tools from multiple places
  • Streamlines IT Support with built-in automations and workflows
What KruptoConnect Offers

Improved productivity and reduced wait time with automated IT workflows.

Incident Management

Track incidents, prioritize effectively, and use previous solutions to resolve incidents faster. Incident management is fully customizable. Together with automations and workflow tools, agents are more efficient and help resolve incidents faster.

Problem Management

Proactively get situations under control before they interfere with business operations. Detect, log, and investigate to find the root cause of problems. Problem logs, recorded solutions, and defined workarounds enable fast resolution of similar problems that might arise in the future.

Change Management

Plan and schedule changes to minimize risk and limit disruption to the organization. Using a rich set of visual tools, track every step of the planned change.

Service Catalogue

Publish a complete directory of all IT services while accelerating delivery and reducing operational expenses. Automate workflows and processes, increasing user satisfaction and efficiency.

Asset Management

Manage hardware and software, to protect and track company assets while ensuring that you aren’t penalized or overspending on software licenses.

Knowledge Management

Enable self-service and consistent, company-wide approaches to IT with this searchable repository of help-desk information. The self-service access to help ensures your teams have the answers they need to overcome technological glitches.

Productivity Tools

Amazing tools to enhance productivity of your business process and Engineers. Modify in realtime your business process and manage your processes effectively using tools like:

  • Routing Rules
  • AI Routing Rules
  • Workflow management
  • Automations
  • Response and Resolution Time

The Dashboard

Never guess how well your teams are performing. The easy-to-use dashboard uses color-coded measurements to update support members and management on performance, efficiency, and effectiveness. Monitor your SLAs response and resolution rates or track how many incidents were resolved using the self-service portal with our robust dashboards.

KruptoConnect service desk software with omnichannel support can also help organizations consolidate their IT tools, resulting in significant cost savings. By providing a centralized platform that integrates with other IT systems, such as asset management and change management, the service desk can streamline IT operations and reduce the need for multiple tools.

Developing solutions for the future

Our in-house software solutions are the result of our many years of experience with recurring challenges in our market. We are constantly renewing our products to meet today’s innovative standards.

Let's start building together