Analysis & advice

As our clients increasingly automate and digitize their business processes, we partner with them each step of the way.


A thorough analysis is crucial for the success of this journey. Our first step is to immerse ourselves in the most complex processes our customers seek to transform. We then provide clear advice on the most cost-efficient and sustainable solution. We often start with a “proof of concept” so our customer can see how effective the solution will be – from the outset.


Are you at the start of a digitization project? Are your IT systems suffering from confusion on a grand scale? Are you curious about the possible pitfalls of a proposed project? Then please get in touch!


How we help our customers

MCH has over 30 years of experience with complex IT systems for Telecom networks. We always strive to become involved in the early stages of projects to ensure a smooth and effective delivery and best results.


We automate and digitize to accelerate and optimize our customers’ business processes. In doing so, we make good use of our niche knowledge in process analysis, functional analysis and similar areas.


We have worked with numerous digital transformation projects and ‘proofs of concept’. Some recent examples include:

  • Post-migration cable data quality management, for a large Telecom operator
  • Automated reconciliation of OSS systems for a large Telecom organization with complex processes
  • Digitalization with AI and object detection in Sketch to Geo Data case for a large Telecom operator





Our in-house software solutions are the result of our many years of experience with recurring challenges in our market.


Our experience in helping and supporting our clients stretches back over more than 30 years.