P2ALinker Functions

  • P2ALinker is a set of rules and principles for integrating applications over a XML-bus infrastructure.
  • The core concept of the P2ALinker software is that you integrate different applications by putting a communication bus between them and enable each application to talk to the bus.
  • The data that travels on the bus is in XML-format. Between the application and the bus is an adapter responsible for talking to the application and transforming data from the application format to the bus format.
  • The P2ALinker decouples applications from each other, allowing them to communicate without knowledge of other applications on the bus.
  • P2ALinker is the most easy XML integration platform available. It is modular by design and its configuration model makes it easy to add a new or update an exiting integration.
The license costs of P2ALinker are tailored to your business: you only pay for the features you use.  

P2A details

P2ALinker – Features

    You can start using P2ALinker immediately. Through our extensive experience in various industries, MCH has many configurations ready and waiting. We will be happy to give you an onsite demonstration. Or why not come and visit us in Nieuwegein where a warm welcome awaits you.


  • P2A supports platform-independent exchange of information. 
  • The routing is based on the message content. Routing from one to multiple sources to one or multiple destinations is supported.


  • P2ALinker supports services that are publicly available, or made accessible by your customers, suppliers or your own applications.


  • You can compose reports across all your business applications. It is the task of P2A to integrate the results.



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