At MCH we understand both the business and IT worlds. We bridge the gap between them with effective requirement gathering and efficient design. Our methodologies have evolved from traditional tech design to the latest in digital and data driven tech. We always stay at the cutting edge of latest developments to deliver our clients the best solutions.


How we help our clients

Consultants at MCH design for innovation and growth. We understand the language of business and take a deep interest in the (business) requirements of your customers and stakeholders.


Our design methodologies, tools and ideas can vary from traditional IT to digitization and data-driven methods. Our consultants offer high-quality and concrete solutions using the most modern technologies. We work with our clients to give them a competitive advantage and make them more sustainable.


Design thinking is at the heart of our company. We can help you with a variety of issues, from solution design to full IT-orchestration for business process optimization.



interested to hear what we can do for you?


Our in-house software solutions are the result of our many years of experience with recurring challenges in our market.


Our experience in helping and supporting our clients stretches back over more than 30 years.