GoEfficient Functions

Your resource management exceeds expectations 

GoEfficient helps you to plan with the skills of your employees as input. Result is the right man or woman at the right time in the right place.

Its about the assignment of skills

The skills of your employees play an important role. Therefore GoEfficient supports the allocation of (scarce) available skills optimally.

Coordination and timing

GoEfficient’s workflow management describes when, in what order and by whom activities are performed. Your employees have (mobile) all the information they need.

Automatically correct

Your default assignments and activities and associated skills are defined once in templates. GoEfficient uses these templates to create new projects and activities..

The seamless integration of Resource Management and Workflow

In everyday practice activities do not always follow a fixed pattern. Therefore, depending on your rules GoEfficient add new activities to a workflow or creates a follow-up order.

GoEfficient – Features

Relation Management

  • Complete file of your customers.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)


  • Resource planning and optimization based on skills. .
  • Hours and material registration.
  • Schedules


  • Each process participant knows ahead of time what must be done.
  • Automatic addition of activities if it is necessary.
  • Within an ongoing project automatically, new (sub) projects can be created.

Projects, processes and activities

  • Your own templates for projects and activities.
  • Support for service locations, facilities, equipment and software.

Dashboard and reports

  • Dashboard view of all the current issues and the allocation of staff.
  • Personal dashboard for employees on their (mobile) devices. 
  • You make your own reports using the report generator of GoEfficient.



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