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Information and communication solutions

About us

MCH is an independent IT company based in The Netherlands. We advise and provide automation services to the telecom industry since 1986.

Over the years, we have witnessed major upheavals in our market. When we launched back in the 1980’s, telephony was mainly analogue. Today, networks consist of fiber optics and society is data driven. We stay ahead of the curve to provide expert advice and the latest automation services.

MCH offers practical, effective and sustainable services and solutions.

From strategy to delivery, on time every time

Analysis & Advice

As our clients increasingly automate and digitize their business processes, we partner with them each step of the way.


At MCH we understand both the business and IT worlds. We bridge the gap between them with effective requirement gathering and efficient design.

Implementation & Integration

From design to delivery we give our customers a smooth path through the different phases of the innovation journey.

On/Off Site Support

IT systems are ultimately only as good as the people who design and build them. So we help our clients to better manage teams and deal with organizational change.

Developing solutions for the future

Our in-house software solutions are the result of our many years of experience with recurring challenges in our market. We are constantly renewing our products to meet today’s innovative standards.

Let's start building together